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With winter in full swing, it's time to dust off the snowblower, find the shovel, and buy some ice melt! 
As an alternative, you can hire an expert to turn your winter frustration into your winter wonderland. The best part about winter is enjoying the snow, not dealing with it.

Be sure to change your tires if you have studded or ice rated alternates. Might as well check the pressure while you're doing it too!

Also, turn on your heat tape if you have it on the roof. It's a hazard to have lots of snow sitting on your roof for too long!
Please make sure to mention that Sasha Spiegel recommended you!

Check out my home winterization tips here: Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Cozying up by the fire is a two-step process. First, make sure your chimney is clean. Not only will this prevent chimney fires, it will also reduce the amount of smoke that gets into your house! A dirty chimney is like having a fire with the flue closed. Second, make sure you have plenty of firewood on hand.
Chimney Sweep
Advanced Chimney 530-525-1630
Alpine Stove and Chimney 530-582-4985
Maranatha Chimney Sweep 530-587-3795
Bushwhackers Tree Service 530-546-8307
Kosich Firewood Services 530-386-0415
Arbor Care of Tahoe 530-581-0820

Winter Pro-Tip. Get a contract for snow removal early. After an 8-foot dump is not the time to find someone to clear your driveway! Be sure to ask what's included. Some companies shovel walkways and decks. Others just plow driveways.  
Snow Removal
Starlight Enterprises 530-448-9493
Tahoe Park Snow Job 530-581-5000
Timmy Critz at Grateful Gardens 530-550-9372
David Bowker 530-414-1341

Need a handyman? Head over to Mr. Honey-Do for assistance, 530-581-4031

Have a heating emergency? Call Dependable Heating at 530-582-5254

Electrical problems? We recommend Tahoe City Electric at 530-583-6141