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Tuesday, May 31, 2016   /   by Sasha Spiegel

Tahoe Buyer Information

Tahoe Buyer’s Information
Here at Lake Tahoe buying a single family home, cabin or condo can be a dream come true. There are many excellent ways to get the best deal.
1. Be prepared. Have your financials all in order. If you are buying cash you can probably get a better price. With a loan, speak with a mortgage professional to see what rates are and what price point is going to make you feel comfortable.
2. Know the market. If you don’t currently know what properties are selling for you won’t know when a great deal comes up. I am happy to show you properties both in person and online.
There are few ways to get an excellent price once you find the property you like.
A. Wait for the fall. Generally seller’s are more motivated to sell before the winter comes. Winter incurs many expenses for the seller, and they are less likely to sell in the winter due to the snow. Buyer’s can’t see the property as well, and most visitors to Tah. ...

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