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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Sunday, November 1, 2020   /   by Sasha Spiegel

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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‘Tis the season! Even with the holidays approaching and making sure we’re getting everyone crossed off our list; there are still some minor maintenance tips that should be crossed off your list at home as we head in to the new year.

    1. Check the inside of bathroom vanities and kitchen sink cabinets for any moisture or other signs of leaks. 
    2. Close the vents that are open to the crawl space under your house.
    3. Inspect the operation of automatic light timers and motion-detector systems, especially if you plan on traveling for the holidays.
    4. Make sure your snow shovels aren't broken or damaged. Have at least 2 in your house.
    5. Purchase a push broom to help remove snow from stairs.
    6. Have a bag of ice melt handy just in case.  After you snow blow and shovel, there can be an icy layer left and just a handful of snow melt can be the difference between a safe or icy staircase.
    7. Seal any gaps or holes in the perimeter. Mice can get inside your home through a dime-sized hole. Even unheated areas like a basement or garage can house unwanted guests.
    8. Gather and organize warranty paperwork on appliances or new Christmas gifts that come with registration paperwork. Filing today will save you a lot time and hassle if the time comes that you need the warranty paperwork on that awesome new vacuum.
    9. Keep branches, snow and ice away from windows.  Icy weather can cause branches to damage your home and windows and that’s the last thing you’ll want to deal with during a winter storm.
    10. Consider scheduling a chimney inspection and sweep. Please reach out for if you need a recommended chimney sweep company.
    11. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, order 1 to 2 cords of wood. Properly cover your wood or pellets if they’re stored outside with a fire retardant sheet. Stacking wood in opposite directions can help for more air flow to reduce holding moisture in.
    12. Buy some fire starter logs or sticks. Much easier to get a fire going with these over plain wood. Get a hatchet for making kindling if you don't have one.
    13. Have your furnace checked if it's been more than a year.
    14. Put new batteries in all of your smoke and CO detectors. If you have very old detectors consider fully changing them our with 10 year replacements. It'll be easy to remember when you need to change them again... not until 2030!
    15. Check that your snow removal contract is up to date and in force. Nothing worse than a totally unplowed street or driveway to come home to!
    16. Have your tires checked. Make sure they have plenty of tread and are rated for icy conditions. If you have 2+ vehicles consider putting studded snow tires on one of your cars.
    17. Grab some snow cleats for your shoes and boots. Slipping on an icy surface may put you out of commission for the ski season - and no one wants that!
    18. Purchase headlamps and a battery operated lantern in case of power outages. Consider investing in a backup generator if you can. 
    19. Consider having snow tape installed on the last 18 inches of roof. It will help prevent snow damming and possible damage to your roof.
    20. Get excited, winter is almost here!!

    If you have any questions about winter home maintenance or anything related the Tahoe area this winter, please feel free to call. I always love hearing from you!

    P.S. Don't forget to buy any needed ski gear for the season!
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