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Tahoe Valentine's Day Ideas

Tuesday, August 25, 2020   /   by Sasha Spiegel

Tahoe Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentines Day Ideas for the Mountains:

Here are some Free or Inexpensive ideas I thought might be fun to share with someone you love.

  1. Set up a Ski Date with just you and your loved one, take them to lunch make it fun and romantic, don't ski with the group on your special day. (You already have the pass, just make the time to ski with JUST your Loved one. )

  2. Take Red Jello Food Coloring and Draw a Heart in the Snow, then take a photo with you and your loved one.

  3. Make Snow Angles

  4. Take them on a Night Hike in the snow when there is either No Moon Feb 15th or a Full Moon March 1st. Hike Page Meadows, Squaw Valley at Night, Summit Valley by Sugar Bowl and Soda Springs.

  5. Order Take-Out and have a picnic dinner on your living room floor with a blanket, candles on the tables, no lights,  no electronics (just like when our power goes out at Tahoe)

  6. Put together a small photo album of a few photos of Tahoe and make a small card with the memories over the past year.

  7. Have a sledding date.

  8. Take the Gondola up just for Cocktails at Sugar Bowl, Squaw, or Northstar. The ride at night is romantic on it's own.

  9. Make a date to go to one of our indoor rock climbing wall.

  10. Go on a ropes course with your loved one ...  Tahoetreetops has 3 locations in Tahoe.