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Preparing your Tahoe Home for Winter

Wednesday, November 20, 2019   /   by Sasha Spiegel

Preparing your Tahoe Home for Winter

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Before you know it you'll have lots of snow around your Tahoe Home. November is the perfect time to do your winterizing projects.

Here is the list of the OUTSIDE projects you should do on your next visit.

  1. Check the roof for any damage, loose screws and make any necessary repairs. Contact a roofer now for the spring if you see that you'll need major work done or a roof replacement.
  2. Install heat tape on the bottom 18" of your roof to help prevent ice damming in the spring. Here is a youtube link if you need.
  3. Clean gutters & downspouts of debris.
  4. Check under deck to make sure structure is sound.
  5. Check for cracks in foundation
  6. Close all exterior vents under house and in attic area to prevent freezing.
  7. Make sure all pipes under house are insulated and insulation isn't falling down.
  8. Put away all outside furniture & grill.
  9.  Disconnect garden hose.
  10. Put 8' PVC stakes around your driveway for snow removal company to be guided. Make sure stakes are painted florescent colors at top, so your snow removal company can see them with the white snow back ground.

Here is the list of the INSIDE projects you should do on your next visit.

  1. Install a "NEST" or other remote thermostat. This will alert you if your home get's below freezing. Set the temperature for no lower than 45 degrees when you're away.
  2. Service your kitchen disposal by grinding several cups of ice cubes.
  3. Put white vinegar in your dishwasher and run to clean out dishwasher BEFORE the holidays.
  4. Pour 1 gallon of water down unused drains.
  5. Check for leaks under sinks and toilets.
  6. Check seals around all exterior doors & windows. This can leak a lot of heat.
  7. Install 10 year batteries in all smoke & CO2 detectors. (Make a note in your calendar for thanksgiving 2029 to replace)
  8. Make sure you have plenty of battery operated lights for power outrages.
  9. Check Dryer vent to for any build up.
  10. Replace all your filters.

Additional items:

  1. Call snow removal company.
  2. If you're on propane make sure that you are on an automatic refill
  3. Make sure all your snow shovels are in good working order
  4. Have snow melt for the icy days
  5. Check your snow tires they should be in excellent condition
  6. If you can buy a generator and know how to use it. It's a perfect time to set it up NOW, and NOT when the power is already out.
  7. Prepare yourself and your home for power outages. They happen on a regular basis in Tahoe.
  8. Have your chimney cleaned
  9. Order plenty of firewood or better yet, cut it yourself. You'll need a permit if you plan on cutting your own firewood.
  10. EMBRACE the winter... it' a very special time of year in Tahoe. Life tends to slow down when we have big storms.
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