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Hike Five Lakes in Alpine Meadows

Thursday, July 7, 2016   /   by Sasha Spiegel

Hike Five Lakes in Alpine Meadows

5 lakes Trail Near Alpine Meadows: Distance is 2 miles up to the first lake. Elevation gain: 1000 feet: Bring a Swim Suit, Sunscreen, Good Hiking Shoes, a camera and a smile. BRING LOTS OF WATER!

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This is a great hike for kids 7 years and older who are fit.   This is a great hike to take kids to really explore.  I suggest starting before 10:00 am. The climb is continuous for the 2 miles and it is a fairly steep.    The Five Lakes trail is dramatic yet tranquil surroundings,and there are many places to relax, fish or swim. Dogs are welcome, however make sure they aren't inclined to chase wildlife or other hikers.

Meet at the 5 Lakes Trail Head near the west end of Alpine Meadows road . The  trail has many switch backs towards the Five Lakes plateau and up the through Alpine Meadows Valley

The two mile trail maintains little more than a slight incline, but still gains nine hundred feet of elevation before reaching the lakes. With the Kids take lots of breaks. I don't recommend it for children under 8 years or who aren't fit. Bring lots of water and make it lots of stops. On the warmest Tahoe days this trail lacks a great deal of shade, but the lakes themselves provide plenty of cover from the sun and opportunities to cool off in the waters.

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A four mile hike round trip takes you to the lakes and back, but if you want to explore the lakes themselves, add another mile or so. Trails exist between all the lakes, making them nicely accessible.

This summer due to the high snow levels, I don't recommend this hike until mid July when the snow has retreated, the Five Lakes Trail is one of the easiest and most accessible hikes in the Granite Chief Wilderness. So you'll see other hiker on the trail. Once you're at the lakes themselves you'll have plenty of chances for private space.